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Friday, 18 October 2013


Do you know a sparkling character, with shining eyes and fiery spirit, delightful and fascinating as a kaleidoscope in its swirling colours? I know a sweet darling much like this, and upon finding a beautiful picture of her, I stowed it away for a quieter time when I might attempt capturing that lovely smile...

Little bridesmaid: The photo that inspired me

As you can see above, I began by using a grid, as is often done in portrait copying. This is a tremendous help in laying down your lines and proportions (providing both your grid and the one on the photo are identical!!) 

Another piece I'm busy with: example of the gridwork phase

I think I've learnt a lot simply through copying by eye, with the help of the grid to guide me. It definitely will improve one's unaided copying skills, and grasp of shapes from different perspectives.


As you can see, my grid must have been slightly stretched, as Bella's features are somewhat elongated in my rendition. A sure sign to be more precise with my grid copying!!