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Sunday, 12 January 2014

DOG: Drawn on the Go

Looking at this drawing now, I am once again reminded to rather use the grid method than copying by eye only! But I so badly want to get it right without such help! Surely it must be possible...

These are the sweethearts owned by my parents - two individually endearing characters. Let me introduce them thus: On the right, Baxter, the palest shade of grey from the tip of his nose the the end of his tail, capable of developing thoughts on extremely memorable occasions, and highly dependent on his masters for uplifting his ever downward emotional spiral with encouraging sweet-talk. He is the most loyal dog my parents have ever owned, and to crown it all, a purebred Weimaraner. Simon, on the left, a purebred Red Irish Setter, and of the softest silkiest pelt ever known to the canine kingdom. It to this we owe his sombre and regal demeanour, draped in many layers of nobility and wisdom (from the very hour he was born). 

Sadly, Simon is no longer alive. RIP sweet Simon; you were a delight to all who knew you!