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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Going astray...

Well, here we have a beloved brother about to wander off across a barren rocky scape. All it takes is an observant, caring friend to reason, maybe intervene. I found this picture on the great wide web, and instantly this analogy came to mind. So I have named the drawing "Brother please, not that way".

I know. They're just ants. But ants are pretty amazing. They make you think of yourself - we who are so much more complex, equipped and capable, yet so lacking in the same urgency of life, and dedication to service and wholeheartedness. They are an example in so many ways, and testify of the Greater Being they obey.

I stand all the more in awe of these tiny creatures, having attempted drawing their exquisite bodies. There is no single object or part that is simple, all work together beautifully, and are most aesthetically pleasing. The form reminds me of some incredibly sleek sci-fi sports car, finished to a high gloss and gorgeously designed.

The finished artwork: "Brother Please, not that Way"

I applied a Black & White photo effect, which I rather liked

My inspiration

What amazed me further, was these two ants, contrary to casual observation, were not exactly alike. Take the abdomens for example. The one on the right has clearly defined narrow black bands, while the left-hand ant has evenly sized segments of the same colour tone. The detail is mind-blowing. What else can I say...