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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Delving into Myths...

Recently, I noticed an exciting art competition being held by Tiny Pencil (#DrawAThon), and after thinking about it far too much, decided to give it a try.

So the brief being based on Cornish folklore, I found myself attempting a more surreal type of subject to what I am used to - it was pretty awesome! The submission had to be completed in graphite alone (which suited me very well!).

It never occurred to me to document the progress for you, but here be the finished work below:

King Arthur's lucky day!

As you can see, I chose the old tale of beloved King Arthur receiving his enchanted sword from the Lady in the Lake. I imagined it to have been a breath-taking moment, like a time long-awaited by the Lake spirits (not that I believe any of it for a second, mind!). It isn't clear exactly which culture these tales originated from, but Tintagel Castle in Cornwall is said to be Arthur's birthplace, so that makes it Cornish enough for me.

I enjoyed playing with contrasts and lighting, as these are two strong manipulating elements in grayscale art. I still feel I could have increased the darkness around the outside of the drawing, to enhance the sense of light emitting from the water.

Meanwhile I wait with some excitement to see how my drawing fares in the prize-winner selections - 10 draws, plus 3 special (mouth-watering) prizes for the top three starring artists. I'll let you know if there's any good news!