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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The people of Rohan...

I always thought I wouldn't mind being a member of that horse country in Tolkien's tales of Rohan... The horse people... 

Well, here we have Eowyn - ahem, actually Miranda Otto - do forgive me! I liked the tenderness in her face in this photo, and found the design of her face so sweet. So I attempted a sketch, without a grid, and now you see what the results look like without some sort of map to aid your eye. It is strange - you compare and compare til your eyes hurt, and yet you can't figure out where the facial differences lie between your image and the photo!

One feature I can definitely pinpoint is the eye size and positioning - my copy has larger eyes, positioned a little too high.

Another artist suggested I add a background gradient, which I must agree makes the person stand out a lot better:

It is somewhat addictive, you know, copying faces... you start looking at people differently... * what a cool face to... draw*  *love those wrinkles, they'd look so cool in a painting...* *such sparkly eyes... wonder how you'd get them on paper*