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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cool stuff I work with...

For the next few months (as with the past few), I will be very busy in completing illustrations commissioned for a story book.  As beautiful as the drawings are turning out (if I may say so!), they are of course, sadly, not mine to share. So instead I would like to share with you some of the fabulous art materials I work with...

As far as pens go, I have found the Faber Castell Artist PITT range so delicious - a set of four, from Superfine, Fine, Medium to the thick soft Brush tip. With firm felt-tips, they are great for comic line work, quick sketching, monochrome and very detailed pointillism (to name a few!). They are also waterproof, which allows for watercolour washes over the top. I love the precision of the pens, giving very clean lines for a stark effect.

I have only two of the black PITT pens in my collection!

An example of pointillism for hair, using the Superfine Black

In addition to black, the range also comes in brown, which I think are superb for sepia drawings or simply a softer effect than the hard black.

Brown range

Graphite is just such a joy to work with! Recently, I bought a set of four graphite pencil sticks. In other words, they are solid graphite, shaped just like pencils, with no wood, and a thin plastic coating around the stems. This allows for wide, loose strokes as well as fine sharp lines. They have proven great for creative doodles at home, though they'd be just as lovely for facial portraits, landscapes, stills and really any study you'd like to have a go at. Great all-rounders.

The coolest graphite I've ever worked with!


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